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Location Start Date International Name CF Name
Morocco 21-Dec-59 Morocco 1959 (Morocco 1959)
Morocco 05-Mar-60 Morocco 1960 (Morocco 1960)
Mozambique 16-Dec-92 United Nations Operation in Mozambique CONSONANCE
Mozambique 01-May-94 United Nations Accelerated De-mining Program: Mozambique MODULE
Mozambique 07-Mar-00 Mozambique 2000 (Mozambique 2000)
Namibia 16-Feb-89 United Nations Transition Assistance Group Namibia MATADOR
Nigeria 02-Aug-68 Nigeria 1968 (Nigeria 1968)
Nigeria 15-Sep-68 Observer Team Nigeria Observer Team Nigeria
Nigeria 12-Oct-68 Operation BLUENOSE BLUENOSE
Nigeria 01-Nov-69 Nigeria 1969 (Nigeria 1969)
Nigeria, Niger 07-Jan-73 Operation FOODLIFT AFRICA FOODLIFT AFRICA
Rhodesia and Zimbabwe 02-Feb-80 Commonwealth Election Commission Observer Group Rhodesia/Zimbabwe OXIDE
Ruanda and Urundi 23-Feb-62 United Nations Commission for Ruanda-Urundi UN Commission for Ruanda-Urundi
Rwanda and Zaire 15-Nov-96 African Great Lakes Multinational Force ASSURANCE
Sierra Leone 22-Oct-99 United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) REPTILE
Sierra Leone 07-Feb-00 International Military Assistance and Training Team (IMATT) SCULPTURE
Somalia 24-Apr-92 United Nations Operation in Somalia I CORDON
Somalia 18-Aug-92 Operation RELIEF RELIEF
Somalia 26-Mar-93 United Nations Operations in Somalia II (UNOSOM II) CONSORT
Somalia 26-Mar-93 United Nations Operations in Somalia II (UNOSOM II) DELIVERANCE


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