Details/Information for Canadian Forces (CF) Operation Grenada 1983

CF Overseas Operations have most often operated within the construct of an international mandate. As such, the International Information is presented first in order to provide the context of the Canadian Operation (displayed second). Eventually, all rotations associated with the particular Canadian operation will also be displayed.

Grenada 1983

International Information

International Operation Name: Grenada 1983

International Mission Name: Grenada 1983

Mandating Organization: Government of Canada

Region Name: Central America

Location: Grenada

Mission Date: 25 October 1983 - 30 October 1983

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Canadian Forces (CF) Information (Grenada 1983)

Canadian Task Force Name Mission Statement:

To evacuate Canadian nationals from Grenada during the American invasion of the island.

CF Mission/Operation Notes:

In March 1983, the New Joint Endeavor for Welfare and Liberation (New JEWEL) party in Grenada overthrew the government of Eric Geary in a nearly bloodless coup. The new, leftist government, the People’s Revolutionary Government, under Maurice Bishop established close ties with Cuba, the Soviet Union and other communist countries. In October 1983, Bishop was arrested and subsequently murdered, along with several cabinet ministers, in a power struggle within the new government.

As a result of the ensuing civil disturbances, the United States, in conjunction with several Caribbean nations, invaded Grenada on 25 October, under the pretext of evacuating American citizens, ousting the leftist government and restoring the “lawful” government. For the most part, the fighting was over by October 28th, with only small pockets of resistance remaining. Five hundred ninety nine Americans and 80 other foreign nationals were airlifted from Grenada.

Coincidental to the American-led invasion, a Canadian Forces Boeing 707 (CC-137) from 437 Squadron had arrived in Barbados that same day. The Boeing could not fly into Grenada for technical reasons, with the result that a CC-130 Hercules from 436 Squadron was dispatched from Canada on 26 October. On 28 October the Hercules conducted two flights into Grenada; however, in neither case had any Canadians assembled to be evacuated. The 23 Canadians wishing to depart the island were evacuated by USAF flights and subsequently returned to Canada on the CC-137 on 30 October.

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