Details/Information for Canadian Forces (CF) Operation FISH EGGS

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Description: Richard Evans, 8, went with
his father and Cpl. Jerry LeRoy to inspect
the Sardinia Royal Nuraghe of torralba,
built of lava stone, around 700 BC. There
are over 7,000 of these unique fortresses
on the island and their age
varies between 2,000 and 300 BC.

Canadian Forces (CF) Information (FISH EGGS)

Name: Op FISH EGGS -Date: 20 May 1962 - 25 May 1962

Mandating Organization: Government of Canada

Mandate: RCAF was tasked to transport 300,000 Canadian Rainbow Trout eggs to a fish hatchery in Sardinia, Italy.

CF Mission/Operation Notes:

In 1957, Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) established with the German and Italian Air Forces the Air Weapons Unit (AWU) Decimomannu in Sardinia Island, Italy, to train pilots for live firing practices over the Mediterranean. In response to kindness and hospitality shown RCAF personnel by the generosity of a Mr Catte who extended the use of his lands for camping and his lake (Flumendosa) for fishing, the Minister of National Defence, Douglas Scott Harkness, and Minister of Fisheries, Mr Angus MacLean, arranged to forward 300,000 Canadian rainbow trout eggs. Mr Catte operated a fish hatchery near the AWU. The RCAF used a Fairchild CC-119 Flying Boxcar to transport the fish eggs.