Details/Information for Canadian Forces (CF) Operation PARAPET II

CF Overseas Operations have most often operated within the construct of an international mandate. As such, the International Information is presented first in order to provide the context of the Canadian Operation (displayed second). Eventually, all rotations associated with the particular Canadian operation will also be displayed.

London, England
24 September 2000

After the Queen's change of the Guard ceremony,
members of India Company of the 2nd Battalion
Royal Canadian Regiment (2RCR) are walking from
Buckingham Palace (Background) to Wellington Barracks.

International Information

International Operation Name: BUCKINGHAM PALACE GUARD DUTY

International Mission Name: BUCKINGHAM PALACE GUARD DUTY

Mandating Organization: Government of Canada

Region Name: Europe

Location: London, England

Mission Date: 26 August 2000 - 6 October 2000

Mandate: To conduct guard duties at Buckingham Palace and other venues in London


In March 2000, following the success of Operation PARAPET, a further invitation was received to mount a Queen's Guard and to provide a Queen's Life Guard. This tasking was also named Operation PARAPET II. The 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment would provide the Queen's Guard and the Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) (LDSH (RC)) would provide the Queen's Life Guard. The former would consist of about 96 individuals, including a colour party and a small music section, and would again mount guards at Buckingham Palace, St. James Palace and the Tower of London. The LDSH (RC) contingent would total 19 who would mount a Cavalry Guard. The contingent deployed on 28 August and returned on 6 October.