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Location Start Date International Name CF Name
Hungary 29-Oct-56 Hungary 1956 (Hungary 1956)
Iceland 11-Jun-73 Iceland 1973  
Ireland 26-Jun-85 Ireland 1985 (AIR INDIA)  
Ireland 26-Aug-97 Independent International Commission on Decommissioning (IICD) INVITATION
Italy 28-Nov-51 Italy 1951 (Italy 1951)
Italy 20-May-62 Operation FISH EGGS FISH EGGS
Italy 07-May-76 Operation DOLOMITE DOLOMITE
Italy 09-Apr-93 Combined Air Operation Centre (CAOC) IMAGE
Italy 14-Dec-95 Multinational Air Movement Detachment in Rimini (MAMDRIM) BISON
Italy 13-May-98 Mudslide Relief Mission Southern Italy SARNO
Kosovo 01-Aug-98 Kosovo Diplomatic Observer Mission (KDOM) PERSERVERANCE
Kosovo 01-Oct-98 Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM) KIMONO
Kosovo 30-Oct-98 Operation EAGLE EYE KAYAK
Kosovo 11-Nov-98 Operation JOINT GUARANTOR GUARANTOR
Kosovo 23-Mar-99 Operation ALLIED FORCE (NAEWF)  
Kosovo 24-Mar-99 Kosovo Force (KFOR) KINETIC
Kosovo 09-Apr-99 Operation PARASOL PARASOL
Lithuania and Ukraine 15-Jul-94 Lithuania-Ukraine 1994 BOREAL IV
Macedonia 27-Aug-01 Operation ESSENTIAL HARVEST FORAGE
Macedonia 27-Sep-01 Operation AMBER FOX AMBER FOX


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