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Location Start Date International Name CF Name
Macedonia 31-Mar-03 EUFOR - Operation CONCORDIA FUSION
Netherlands 15-Jul-52 Operation NIJMEGEN NIJMEGEN
Netherlands 03-Feb-53 Operation WET FOOT WET FOOT
Norway 23-Sep-95 Norway 1995 (HALIFAX RECOVERY)  
Portugal 25-Apr-74 Portugal 1974 (Portugal 1974)
Portugal 11-Jun-04 Portugal 2004 (Portugal 2004)
Russia 20-Jan-93 Russia 1993 BOREAL II
Russia 04-Aug-93 Russia 1993 [2] BOREAL III
Russia 04-Nov-95 Russia 1995 BOREAL V
Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia 15-Jul-91 European Community Monitoring Mission in the Former Yugoslavia (ECMMY) BOLSTER
Turkey 08-Aug-90 Operation ANCHOR GUARD ANCHOR GUARD
Turkey 30-Mar-92 Turkey 1992  
Turkey 18-Aug-99 Operation TORRENT TORRENT
Turkey and Greece 09-May-58 Operation STAR FLIGHT  
West Germany 01-May-52 Operation LEAP FROG LEAP FROG
West Germany 17-Oct-56 Operation RANDOM WEST RANDOM WEST
West Germany 02-Feb-57 Operation MAGNIFICENT MAGNIFICENT
West Germany 01-Sep-62 Operation RHO DELTA RHO DELTA
West Germany 01-Oct-52 Operation NIMBLE BAT NIMBLE BAT


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