Details/Information for Canadian Forces (CF) Operation NECESSITY

CF Overseas Operations have most often operated within the construct of an international mandate. As such, the International Information is presented first in order to provide the context of the Canadian Operation (displayed second). Eventually, all rotations associated with the particular Canadian operation will also be displayed.

International Information

International Operation Name: Operation NECESSITY

International Mission Name: Operation NECESSITY

Mandating Organization: Government of Canada

Region Name: Middle East

Location: Kuwait

Mission Date: 3 March 1991 - 7 March 1991


To restore the Embassy and the Ambassador’s residence.

Mission Notes:

By good fortune, the Canadian Ambassador to Kuwait left on vacation a few hours before Iraq’s surprise invasion of the country. When he returned on 1 March he found the Embassy building in shambles. Commodore Summers, who accompanied the Ambassador, immediately issued an order for technicians from 1 Canadian Field Hospital (1 CFH) to proceed from Al Qaysumah, Saudi Arabia, where the field hospital was set-up, to Kuwait. Their task, started on 3 March, was to restore the Embassy and the Ambassador’s residence into some semblance of working order. Generators provided power in a city that was darkened by the smoke from burning oil wells and suffering from frequent power outages. Water, communications and vehicle repairs were next on line. On 7 March, the detachment from 1 CFH returned to Al Qaysumah, replaced by staff from the Department of External Affairs.