Details/Information for Canadian Forces (CF) Operation UNARMED WARRIOR

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International Information

International Operation Name: Operation UNARMED WARRIOR

International Mission Name: Operation UNARMED WARRIOR

Mandating Organization: Government of Canada

Region Name: Europe; Middle East

Location: Germany; Iraq

Mission Date: 10 January 1991 - 9 March 1991


To create a new unit, 4 Canadian Medical Group to served as an evacuation company in Germany under the direction of US Army.

Mission Notes:

Casualties from the Gulf War were airlifted to Europe and sent to local hospitals. From late December 1990, US Forces in Europe (USFE) had been seeking additional ambulance assistance, and on 2 January 1991 the Commander USFE asked the Commander Canadian Forces Europe (CFE) for help, reminding him that Canadian casualties would also benefit. NDHQ approved the participation of Canadian personnel.

Dubbed Operation UNARMED WARRIOR, the operation started on 10 January and involved the creation of a new unit, 4 Canadian Medical Group (4 CMG), consisting of and supported primarily by personnel from 4 Field Ambulance and 4 Service Battalion in CFE. 4 CMG served as an evacuation company under the direction of 421 (US) Evacuation Battalion, operating from the US base at Ramstein, and under the tactical command of the 7 (US) Medical Command.

The total strength of 4 CMG was 175 personnel and included seven multi-purpose buses, 10 Mercedes Benz ambulances and two 1 ½ ton field ambulances. 4 CMG could provide 154 spaces at a time for stretcher patients and walking wounded. Because of the superior quality of the Mercedes ambulances, they were the first choice for transporting casualties who did not require air transport within Europe.

With the ceasefire ending the Gulf War, the Canadians returned to CFB Lahr between 4 and 9 March. Other NATO forces assumed the responsibilities vacated by the Canadians.