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Location Start Date International Name CF Name
Iraq, Arabian Gulf 03-Apr-91 Maritime Interdiction Force (MIF) MERCATOR
Iraq, Arabian Gulf 03-Apr-97 Maritime Interdiction Force (MIF) PREVENTION
Iraq, Kuwait 01-Aug-90 Gulf War SCIMITAR
Iraq, Kuwait 02-Aug-90 Gulf War ACCORD
Iraq, Kuwait 02-Aug-90 Gulf War FRICTION
Iraq, Kuwait 01-Mar-91 Gulf War (Operation AXE) AXE
Iraq, Kuwait 09-Apr-91 United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission (UNIKOM) RECORD
Kuwait 03-Mar-91 Operation NECESSITY NECESSITY
Lebanon 24-Apr-56 Lebanon 1956 (Lebanon 1956)
Lebanon 14-Jun-58 United Nations Observer Group in Lebanon (UNOGIL) United Nations Observer Group in Lebanon
Lebanon 05-Jun-67 UNEF II – Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation (UNEF II - NEO) (Lebanon 1967)
Lebanon 09-Oct-75 Lebanon 1975 (Lebanon 1975)
Lebanon 19-Mar-78 United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) ANGORA
Lebanon 18-Jul-06 Operation LION LION
Middle East 28-Jan-58 United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) TUNDRA
Middle East 22-Apr-91 Maritime Interdiction Force (MIF) FLAG
Persian Gulf 09-Feb-95 Operation PROMENADE PROMENADE
Red Sea 04-Apr-91 Maritime Interdiction Force (MIF) BARRIER
Saudi Arabia 11-Feb-91 Operation SPONGE SPONGE
Sinai 05-Nov-56 United Nations Emergency Force I (UNEF I) (LEAVEN)


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