Applications for Initial Issue and Replacement of Service Medals, Individual Honours For Retired CF Members and Civilians

The following document is available for downloading or viewing:

For more information on accessing this file, please visit our help page.

This application form may only be used by retired members of the CAF to apply for the initial issue or replacement of medals administered by the Department of National Defence, Directorate of Honours and Recognition (DH&R).

Only the Executor of the Estate or Power of Attorney can make an application on behalf of a deceased member of the CAF.

Serving members of the CAF shall not use this form (their unit shall apply on-line on their behalf in accordance with procedures detailed in CANFORGEN 106/00).

Serving members of the CAF wishing more information (i.e. eligibility, policies, directives, etc) are to consult DH&R's DIN site prior to submitting any inquiries through their Chain of Command.

Civilian employees and other non-military personnel who believe they might be eligible for a medal should always apply through their employing organization’s honours and awards representative.

For further information on campaign and service medals, please consult our Honours Chart.


Print, complete and sign this application form and send it by mail only to DH&R. To speed up the review of your application, you are requested to provide a copy of documentary proof of service. There are no fees for initial issue of medals.

FOR REPLACEMENT ONLY – Do not send payment with your application. You will be contacted by DH&R at a later date for the exact amount to be submitted once a determination has been made. Please note that a Money Order or Bank Draft made out to the Receiver General for Canada may be required. Personal cheques are not accepted.

Applications are processed on a first-come first-serve basis from receipt of the application and some delays may be expected. For assistance in completing this form, clarification on eligibility or requesting an update to your application, you may contact DH&R at 1-877-741-8332 (toll free Mon-Fri 0800-1600 Eastern Time) or via email at

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