Medals NEWS

This newsletter is issued by the Directorate of Honours and Recognition to inform members of the Canadian Forces of changes to the structure and policies of the National Honours System and departmental awards.

Annual Reviews

Starting in 2007, the Directorate of Honours and Recognition produced this annual publication to celebrate the outstanding achievements of members of Her Majesty's Canadian Forces and those working with them who have been recognized with an honour or award announced publicly in that calendar year. To obtain more information or to request a copy of the Annual Report, please contact DH&R by email at DH& or by telephone at 1-877-741-8332.

General Information

The following publications produced by the Directorate of Honours and Recognition are provided to help increase awareness and understanding of the Canadian Honours and departmental awards available to our military personnel and those who work with them.

References from other Organizations

The works presented below, although not created by the Directorate of Honours and Recognition, are related to honours and recognition and are presented with the originator's permission.

Pro Valore, Canada's Victoria Cross