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Vol. 2 Issue 4, August 2008

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The Sacrifice Medal

It was announced on 29 August 2008 that Her Majesty The Queen approved the creation of the Sacrifice Medal to provide formal recognition to those who are killed or wounded by hostile action.  This new honour replaces the traditional Wound Stripe.

Artitistic rendering of the Sacrifice Medal
Artistic rendering of the Sacrifice Medal


Eligibility is limited to:

The new medal is not limited to service in Afghanistan, but applies to all theatres of operations and, in the case of terrorist attacks, anywhere in the world. Accidents, even in theatre, are not eligible; neither are relatively minor wounds that can be ‘patched up’ by the platoon medic. Friendly fire and operational stress injuries that are the direct result of a hostile action will carry eligibility under certain circumstances. For the medal to retain its value, Commanding
Officers and medical personnel will play a key role in ensuring the criteria are applied strictly and uniformly.

The details...

The statue "Canada" from the National Vimy Memorial, as shown on the medal's reverse
The statue "Canada"
from the National Vimy Memorial,
as shown on the medal's reverse

It is the responsibility of the Commanding Officer in theatre to complete the application form ( DND 2479), which also includes a signed declaration by a medical officer. For those eligible personnel who have returned to Canada, the home unit will make the application. In the case of psychological trauma, a medical specialist will review the case to determine if the trauma was caused by hostile action.

Recipients of the Medal who subsequently meet the criteria for an additional incident will be awarded a bar. The Medal, which will be struck in sterling silver by the Royal Canadian Mint and engraved with the recipient’s details on the edge, will be the first medal in the order of precedence, ie, worn after the insignia of orders and decorations (i.e. after the Royal Victorian Medal), but before all campaign and service medals.

The inaugural presentation of the Sacrifice Medal will be held by the Governor General at a later date, following which general distribution will start with priority given to posthumous awards.


Further information is available from CANFORGEN 163/08 and on the DH&R Website.

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