The Directorate - Honours and Recognition (DH&R) is the military secretariat for individual and collective honours and awards (less Canadian Battle Honours and Honorary Distinctions), and provides for the development of Canadian Forces honours policy.

Military honours are part of a national system for all Canadians. The system encompasses the creation and administration of Canadian Honours, including national and military honours and awards.

Some of DH&R's responsibilities include:

  1. administer and maintain the CF honour system and policies;
  2. liaise and co-ordinate with Government House for promulgation of new honours and awards;
  3. the secretariat to the Honour Policy Committee, the Order of Military Merit Advisory Council, the Canadian Forces Decorations Advisory Committee and the DH&R Review Committee.
  4. process, administer and distribute all medals awarded to Canadian Forces personnel serving or retired;
  5. look after the distribution, replacement and procurement of medals awarded to Canadian Forces personnel; and
  6. answering inquiries from within DND, other federal departments, the general public and foreign governments.